Our beliefs

Our clients do not need to be digital marketing experts

We believe our clients are experts in their own business and industry. It’s our role to be their digital marketing experts and consistently deliver to them what they need – prospects and leads that have serious intentions to act.

We cannot be all things to all people

We believe that, as digital marketing specialists focused on delivering high-intention leads, we cannot offer website design and development, social media services or other creative content and video services in-house. As these are specialised services in their own right, we often refer clients to specialist companies in these areas.

No conflict of interest

To avoid a conflict of interest, we only work with one client per category, or sub-category, per area of region. This allows us to work in an ethical way and focus on being an essential part of our client’s team. Our clients can be totally transparent with us and provide us with access to highly confidential information if needed.

Our clients do not need to sign lock-in contracts

We believe our clients should not be locked in for 6, 12 or 24 months. If, after 3 months, our clients are not happy with the results we’ve delivered, or at any time after that, we believe they should be free to go elsewhere.

From little things, big things grow

We believe that by working with SMEs, we can help them grow faster and in turn we could benefit from increased revenue in future years from building a mutually beneficial relationship that goes the distance

Star teams rather than star players

We believe that at the end of the day, star players burn out if they are not part of a star team. There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’. Anything we can do to make our teams work better and more cohesively, we’ll strive to do. Communication within an effective process and system is key to ensuring the team’s success.

Respect for the individual

We believe we need to create a working environment that allows each individual to grow to their full potential. Part of this process is the need to show respect for the individual and create a harmonious workplace.

Respect for the client

We believe we need to work with clients in a spirit of partnership and cooperation rather than one of confrontation. The client can add a lot of value to the process in so many ways and this is often best achieved once we’ve proven that we can deliver to their expectations, or even exceed them.

If you’re serious about converting high-intention prospects, we’d love to hear from you.

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