Tools of the trade

Local Programmatic Display (LPD)

We can help increase your brand’s awareness via highly targeted digital display advertising. We can ensure your ads are served to your ideal audience by using proprietary location-based and behavioural targeting technology. This way, your brand is always top-of-mind when the prospective customer is ready to buy.

Programmatic Video

Engage new customers by showing them video ads across premium websites. Video is an excellent medium for reaching users via desktops and mobile devices. Real-time bidding allows Tactik to target users based on geography and online behaviour. The Video options include:

  • Pre-roll Video Ads: These video ads appear immediately before free video content on publishers like NineMSN, Forbes, ABC, Local News Sites, and others.
  • Mid-roll Video Ads: These ads appear within the content of longer videos, such as complete television episodes.
  • Post-roll Video Ads: These ads appear at the end of a video.
  • Non-skippable Ads: These non-skippable ads are 15 seconds or less, ensuring that prospects complete the video before continuing to their free content.
  • Skippable Ads: Ads greater than 15 seconds are skippable after the first five seconds.
  • In-banner Video: These videos are converted to in-banner format and size to run in standard display ad spaces.
  • Targeting: Layer on Tactik’s targeting tactiks to reach the right user at the right time. With a large enough geo, Tactik can target users with site, search, keyword and contextual targeting.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our proven Search Engine Optimation (SEO) service will improve your website’s search engine visibility by combining a range of proven white-hat SEO strategies, with in-depth keyword analysis, and expert marketing knowledge and experience.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We use a combination of proven Search Engine Marketing tools including Local Programmatic Display (utilising geo-fencing), Adwords, Remarketing and Retargeting.


We help identify the right keywords to use for your AdWords campaign and conduct extensive competitive research and determine what your customers are searching for. Based on our findings, we then outline possible opportunities and risks to develop effective AdWords campaigns, which we can then implement on your behalf.

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