Identify the target

GEO Fencing

Tactik works with you to identify specific locations as target zones. These target zones could be your showroom, a competitor’s building or even a special event. Using the most advanced GPS-GEO technology available, we immediately serve your ads to the prospect’s device when they enter a target zone. Geo-fencing also has built-in event targeting, which allows us to create a geo-fenced location during a predetermined time window. This is perfect for events such as conferences, trade shows, sporting events, community events etc. We can also target the user with your advertising following the event.

Keyword Contextual Targeting

We serve your ads only on web pages categorically relevant to your target audience, product or service. We also create a list of keywords relevant to your product or service and scour the internet to find websites with content containing those keywords. Displaying your ads on these keyword rich websites will boost brand awareness and increase your conversion rate.

Keyword Search Retargeting

We show your ads to users who have shown intent to purchase by searching using keywords related to your product, service and competitors.

Site Retargeting

Keep your brand top-of-mind during the consideration phase of a prospect’s buying journey by serving your ads to them after they have visited your website.

Measurable Conversions & Reporting

Our reporting software tracks impressions, visits and conversions from your desktop, mobile and Facebook advertising. We will also designate offline conversion zones to track showroom/store walk-in traffic or geo- behaviour from your mobile ads. All of this will be provided to you in an easy-to-understand monthly report.

Step 1: Situation analysis

We learn about our client’s business and prepare a Current Situation Report.

Step 2: Competitive analysis

We analyze key competitors and prepare a Competitor Analysis Report.

Step 3: Digital strategy and plan

We prepare the Digital Strategy and Plan for the first 3 months which includes setting the key objectives, setting budgets and agreeing with the client on the primary target audience, key competitors and areas to be targeted.

Step 4: Implement plan and report results

We then implement the strategy and plan and provide results, daily, weekly and monthly to clients.

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